Chilean Coratina

This HIGH biophenol (antioxidant) EVOO displays notes of dandelion greens, wild grass, green almond and unripe banana.

Loaded with polyphenols, the Coratina carries a delayed pepper note that is wonderfully bitter and pungent, which is typical of a high phenol oil!

Our highly awarded Coratina starts off with a deceptively sweet and creamy front. Followed by a slightly bitter center and gives way to a jolt of pungency on the finish.

Country of Origin: Chile

Harvest Date: May 2020

Intensity: Robust

Fruitiness: 5.5  Bitterness: 4.5  Pungency: 5.0

Chemistry: Biophenols: 603.9 ppm   Oleic Acid: 76.9   FFA: .17   Peroxide Value: 5.2


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