Chilean Favolosa

Extremely high Biophenol count of 525! Full of antioxidants, this robust Tuscan style May 2019 Chilean Favolosa has a fresh grass aroma with lingering desirable bitterness.

Fresh chili pepper sensations and a spicy mouth feel are related to the high phenol content. Perfect for those looking for a bold Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a unique kick!

Country of Origin: Chile

Harvest Date: May 2019

Intensity: Robust

Fruitiness: 4.0  Bitterness: 4.0  Pungency: 5.0

Chemistry: Biophenols: 525 ppm  Oleic Acid: 75.6  FFA: .17  Peroxide Value: <2.0


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Extremely high Biophenol level of 525. For those looking for a bold EVOO, this is it! Spicy mouth feel with fresh chili pepper sensations.

Oliva! Olive Oils contain no additives, no chemicals, & no preservatives. All are from the most recent harvest.