No Salt Lemon Pepper Seasoning


No Salt Lemon Pepper combines the pungent and spicy flavor of coarsely ground premium black peppercorns with the bright flavor of fresh lemons. A hint of garlic, onion and red bell pepper makes this spice blend delicious and extremely versatile!

Rub chicken, turkey or salmon with Olíva! EVOO and sprinkle on No Salt Lemon Pepper before roasting. Use on summer vegetables like zucchini, peppers and corn.

Jar Size 3.3oz

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Salt Free, Gluten Free

Ingredients: Garlic and onion, demerara sugar, mixed spices (red pepper, black pepper), lemon peel 12%, citric acid, red bell pepper, lemon juice solids 3%, lemon oil, oleoresin turmeric, and silicon dioxide added to prevent caking.

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