Oliva! Perfect Pairing Club

Join Oliva! Perfect Pairing Club!

Each month you will receive a perfectly paired Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar, with a recipe to go with it! Your first shipment will include (2) Tapi Pour Spouts and (2) Self-Closing Pour Spouts, which can be reused for your future pairings of oil & vinegar!

Choose from 2 size options: 200ml or 375ml bottles.

Please Note: All shipping charges & fees are included in the price! Your Perfect Pairing will ship within the first week of each month (With exception of the first month, which will ship upon ordering). If you chose to ship quarterly, your Perfect Pairing will ship during the first week of January, April, July & October (With the exception of the first shipment which will ship upon ordering). Read more about our Perfect Pairing Club below.



Olíva! Perfect Pairing Club was created for our customers who enjoy our ‘Pairing of the Month’ all year long!

When we opened in 2013, we wanted to create an option that would encourage our customers to try new flavors! So we came up with the idea for our “Pairing of the Month” which would change monthly, and be available for purchase at a discounted rate. Ever since then, our customers have loved experimenting with new flavor combinations… some finding their new favorite pairings along the way!