Tuscan Seasoning


Our Tuscan Seasoning is as delicious as it is beautiful with it’s bright shades of wheat and green, accented with red pepper.

The aroma of cool rosemary and nutty toasted sesame will make you close your eyes and imagine yourself exploring through the region of Tuscany.

Our go-to for a gourmet bread dipping seasoning. Add to a fresh EVOO and serve with warm bread, focaccia or pita. Create a serving masterpiece and add seasonal vegetables, aged meats & soft cheeses.

Mix with Garlic Olive Oil & Neapolitan Herb Dark Balsamic for a delicious marinade for all types of proteins. Tuscan chicken, shrimp, beef, white fish, pork and more!

A great addition to a dressing for pasta or potato salad.

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Jar Size 4oz.
Net Weight 1.6oz (45g)

Tuscan Seasoning was hand packed with care in Albany, NY.


Tuscan Seasoning Ingredients: Vegetables (garlic, bell pepper, green onion), mixed spices (rosemary, oregano, red pepper flakes, black pepper), sesame seed, lemon peel, sea salt, sesame oil, rosemary oil.

Gluten Free. Contains Sesame.