Cascadian Wild Raspberry White Balsamic

Awaken your tastebuds with our Cascadian Wild Raspberry White Balsamic. It’s stunning pink hue will bring your everyday recipes to life. Filled with the essence of fresh wild raspberries, this balsamic is juicy, tart and bright!

Makes a wonderful vinaigrette with a fruity or herbaceous olive oil. Drizzle over your fruit salads and summer melon for a touch of added sweetness. Finish any baked, sautéed or grilled fish with this balsamic.

Pairs well with Lemon Olive Oil & Herbes de Provence Olive Oil.

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Additional Pairings: Basil Olive Oil, Blood Orange Olive Oil, Persian Lime Olive Oil, Dill Olive Oil.

Ingredients: Grape Must, White Wine Vinegar, Natural Flavors, Natural Occurring Sulfites.
Cascadian Wild Raspberry White Balsamic Contains No Additional Ingredients. 4% acidity
Product of Modena, Italy


Nutritional Facts


Roasted Salmon with Fresh Arugula Salad

BBQ Chicken Salad with Raspberry Basil Vinaigrette