Explore EVOO Set


Experience the difference a high quality extra virgin olive oil can make!

This heart healthy set will include 3 in-season Ultra Premium Certified EVOOs. A Mild, Medium & Robust Intensity EVOO along with (3) Tapi Pour Spouts to help control the pour and avoid wasted product!

A Mild Intensity EVOO is best used for salad dressings or a finishing oil for fresh fruits & vegetables, or aged meats & local cheeses, as it will not overpower the other ingredients and has little to no bitterness.

A Medium Intensity EVOO is great for cooking over low-medium heats and can be used in a salad dressing to add a bit of body and flavor if the Mild Intensity is a bit too mellow!

A Robust Intensity EVOO can be used over higher heats for roasting, pan-searing and grilling, as more robust oils will stand up to higher heats for a longer period of time. Robust oils tend to have more antioxidants and are fabulous for consuming 2 raw tablespoons daily to take advantage of the high quality properties and health benefits a high phenol oil has to offer.

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Our Explore EVOO Set includes (3) 200ml Single Varietal Ultra Premium Certified Extra Virgin Olive Oils. Each EVOO will have a different intensity level and be selected from the most recent harvest. Selection may vary according to inventory.

Please note: the Explore EVOO Set will be shipped in regular protective packaging. If this is a gift, you can leave a personal message to be included in the note section at checkout.