Japanese Toasted Sesame Oil

Our Japanese Dark Toasted Sesame Oil is made from high quality sesame seeds that are then slow roasted, at a low temperature. The roasted seeds are then pressed in small batches in Japan using the traditional method.

This creates tremendous depth of flavor and mouth-feel. This oil is one of the most flavorful and fragrant in the world. Perfect for stir-frys, bok choy, & mushrooms. Delicious mixed into vinaigrettes, marinades and spreads. Mix with a tangy white balsamic for an asian dressing you won’t forget.

Pairs well with Honey Ginger White Balsamic & Tangerine Dark Balsamic.

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Ingredients: Roasted Sesame Seed Oil.
Japanese Toasted Sesame Oil Contains No Additional Ingredients and No Artificial Flavor.

Product of Japan.

Nutritional Facts


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