Pairing of the Month

October Pairing of the Month:

Hello FALL and hello… Spooky Season! We have a good one for you this month: Tuscan Herb Olive Oil & Black Mission Fig Dark Balsamic

Our Tuscan Herb Olive Oil is one of our top selling olive oils year round, and for good reason. Oregano, rosemary, marjoram & garlic.

This oil is the bread dipping oil you’ve been searching for. It has all of those bread dipping flavors infused right into our heart-healthy Ultra Premium Certified EVOO. Pour and have at it!

Think Tuscan Chicken, Pasta, Fish, Sautéed Vegetables. Wonderful for roasting potatoes and dressing sandwiches.

Our #1 infused balsamic vinegar: the Black Mission Fig Dark Balsamic is made using high-quality fig preserves. Decadence in a bottle.

Use to marinate chicken, pork and vegetables for the grill. Drizzle over your favorite flatbreads, pizzas and baked brie. Incorporate into a pan sauce or homemade jam.

Blend with the Tuscan Herb Olive Oil to create a lovely vinaigrette for Italian style salads. Add a touch of Dijon mustard for complex flavor.

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When we first opened our doors in 2013, we wanted to create an option that would encourage our customers to try new flavors. So we came up with the idea for our “Pairing of the Month” which would change monthly, and be available for purchase at a discounted rate.

Ever since then, our customers have loved experimenting with new flavor combinations… some finding their new favorite pairings along the way!


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