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Explore our April Pairing of the Month!

April Showers Bring May Flowers!

The Lemon Olive Oil is one of our favorites… and also one of our customer’s favorites. Extremely versatile, this is our go-to for endless cooking applications!

Freshly harvested lemons (rind included) are crushed simultaneously with early harvest olives to create this lemony oil. Zesty, flavorful and FRESH.

Great for chicken, fish (all seafood), leafy green and vegetable salads, rice dishes, even soups, desserts and baking recipes!

The Blackberry Ginger Dark Balsamic has been a staple at Olíva! from the beginning. All of our balsamics pack a punch of flavor but the blackberry and ginger really do shine in this infused vinegar.

Sharp & punchy, finished with a zing, use this balsamic in your favorite salads. Drizzle over aged cheeses and fruits.

Reduce to a thick glaze and serve alongside roasted pork, chicken, steak kabobs, salmon, grilled asparagus, brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, squash & more.

Don’t forget to check out this recipe that features our monthly pairing. This month we’re kickstarting our health with a power salad. This salad is extremely healthy… but also delicious. Exactly what we aim for. Spring Salad with Lemon Blackberry Yogurt Dressing

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When we first opened our doors in 2013, we wanted to create an option that would encourage our customers to try new flavors. So we came up with the idea for our “Pairing of the Month” which would change monthly, and be available for purchase at a discounted rate.

Ever since then, our customers have loved experimenting with new flavor combinations… some finding their new favorite pairings along the way!


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