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This month, we’re entering 2022 on a good note with our freshly harvested Arbequina EVOO and our show-stopping, best selling balsamic.

Californian Arbequina EVOO: Our freshest EVOO from our new Northern Hemisphere Harvest! Harvested in November of 2021, this EVOO is only a couple months old. Reap the health benefits of this heart-healthy extra virgin.

18-Year Aged Traditional Dark Balsamic: Our top selling balsamic, you can’t go wrong with our Traditional! Use this on everything from salads to pizzas to charcuterie boards to fruits & veggies!


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When we first opened our doors in 2013, we wanted to create an option that would encourage our customers to try new flavors. So we came up with the idea for our “Pairing of the Month” which would change monthly, and be available for purchase at a discounted rate.

Ever since then, our customers have loved experimenting with new flavor combinations… some finding their new favorite pairings along the way!


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