Organic Tunisian Chetoui

This Nov 2019 Organic Chetoui from Tunisia has the highest phenol level for the 2019 harvest thus far. Extraordinarily robust, displaying high notes of fresh cut grass with a creamy artichoke heart center. Low in bitterness with plenty of pungentcy alongside a pleasant peppery finish.

Country of Origin: Tunisia

Harvest Date: Nov 2019

Intensity: Robust

Fruitiness: 3.5  Bitterness: 4.5  Pungency: 4.5

Chemistry: Biophenols: 667.4 ppm    Oleic Acid: 86.0    FFA: .30    Peroxide Value: 6.6




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Harvested by our distributer, the Organic Chetoui has the highest phenol count of all our oils from the 2019 harvest thus far.

Oliva! Olive Oils contain no additives, no chemicals, & no preservatives. All are from the most recent harvest.