Black Mission Fig Dark Balsamic

One of our top sellers! Made with the high quality fig variety: black mission figs. Infused into our Traditional Dark Balsamic from Modena, Italy to create the flavor of sweet, tart, complex fresh figs!

Drizzle over aged meats and local cheeses for a quick appetizer that will impress everyone. Mix with any of our Mediterranean inspired olive oils for a heavenly vinaigrette. Bold and beautiful in marinades for pork and chicken.

Drizzle over a flatbread with gorgonzola, brie, pears and arugula.

Pairs well with Blood Orange Olive Oil & Garlic Olive Oil.

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Additional Pairings: Basil Olive Oil, Tuscan Herb Olive Oil, Lemon Olive Oil, Oregano Olive Oil.

Ingredients: Grape Must, Fig Concentrate, Wine Vinegar, Natural Flavors, Natural Occurring Sulfites.
Black Mission Fig Dark Balsamic Contains No Caramel Coloring, No Additional Ingredients. 5% acidity
Product of Modena, Italy


Nutritional Facts


Roasted Squash, Fig & Feta Salad

Brie & Pear Flatbread with Fig Balsamic Glaze