Sicilian Nocellara

A coveted variety native to Sicily, this Nov 2019 Sicilian Nocellara showcases prominent savory creamy notes of artichoke and a hint of fresh grass.

Well balanced with a nice peppery finish. The Nocellara is a great EVOO that we’re lucky to carry when we can get our hands on it!

Country of Origin: Italy

Harvest Date: Nov 2019

Intensity: Medium

Fruitiness: 5.0  Bitterness: 3.0  Pungency: 3.5

Chemistry: Biophenols: 280.4 ppm   Oleic Acid: 70.7    FFA: 0.19    Peroxide Value: 6.3


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A coveted variety native to Sicily! This Italian Nocellara showcases prominent savory and vegetal notes. Creamy with a complex center, with artichoke notes and a peppery finish.

Oliva! Olive Oils contain no additives, no chemicals, & no preservatives. All are from the most recent harvest.