Ginger Citrus Seasoning


Our Ginger Citrus Seasoning radiates with warm, spicy ginger, bright notes of sweet orange & tangy, sour lemon. The combination of these high quality ingredients results in the most flavorful ginger spice blend.

Absolutely delicious on salmon, shrimp, chicken, veggies and even tofu!

Rub onto a fillet of cod or halibut and sear in EVOO. Serve with a fresh slaw on a corn tortilla and you the best fish tacos ever!

Mix into a ceviche or carne asada marinade for a unique flavor experience and tons of added flavor.

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Jar Size 4.0oz
Net Weight 2.2oz (62g)

Ginger Citrus Seasoning was hand packed with care in Albany NY.


Ginger Citrus Seasoning Ingredients: Ingredients: mixed spices (ginger 16%, black pepper, anise, red pepper), onion and garlic, demerara sugar, orange peel, sea salt, red bell pepper, citric acid, sesame oil, orange oil, ginger oil, oleoresin paprika.

Gluten Free. Contains Sesame.