Pomegranate Dark Balsamic

Our Pomegranate Dark Balsamic is making a comeback! With many requests to bring back this sweet-tart balsamic, here it is!

This balsamic is a perfect match for hearty meats like lamb and duck. It adds depth to pan sauces, braised meats or compotes.

A great substitute for pomegranate molasses, with less sugar! Drizzle over poached fruits and ice cream for an elegant and easy dessert.

It makes an exciting dressing whisked with your favorite fruity or herbaceous oil. Serve over a leafy greens salad with pomegranate seeds, toasted nuts and feta cheese.

Pairs well with Herbes de Provence Olive Oil & Persian Lime Olive Oil.


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Additional Pairings: Wild Rosemary Olive Oil, Lemon Olive Oil, Basil Olive Oil.

Ingredients: Grape Must, Wine Vinegar, Natural Flavors, Natural Occurring Sulfites.
Pomegranate Dark Balsamic Contains No Caramel Coloring, No Additional Ingredients. 4% acidity
Product of Modena, Italy


Nutritional Facts


Pomegranate Balsamic Marinade