Spanish Melgarejo Hojiblanca

Our Oct 2019 Spanish Melgarejo Hojiblanca is high in polyphenols. It’s floral and incredibly balanced, with dominant notes of green apple, green avocado with a lingering Szechuan peppercorn finish. This is an extraordinary Hojiblanca, very complex and harmonious with intense fruitiness. Hoji’s tend to be fruity!

Country of Origin: Spain

Harvest Date: Oct 2019

Intensity: Robust

Fruitiness: 6.0  Bitterness: 4.5  Pungency: 5.0

Chemistry: Biophenols: 507.6 ppm    Oleic Acid: 77.5    FFA: .20    Peroxide Value: 4.0




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A suburb Spanish Melgarejo Hojiblanca. Pressed from the more commonly known olive: the Hojiblanca Olive. With a phenol count of 507, this Ultra Premium Oil is extremely high in health benefits!

Oliva! Olive Oils contain no additives, no chemicals, & no preservatives. All are from the most recent harvest.