Wild Blueberry Dark Balsamic

Bursting with the flavor & aroma of freshly picked blueberries, we guarantee our Blueberry Dark Balsamic will be one of your new kitchen staples.

Create a delicious compote topping with the addition of fresh blueberries, a sprig of rosemary and a light drizzle of honey. Serve over lemon pound cake. Especially good when paired with soft brie, blue and feta cheeses.

Use as a glaze, marinade or BBQ sauce for for duck, pork chops, lamb or chicken. Mix with any citrus oil to create a luscious vinaigrette for leafy greens or fruit salad!

Pairs well with Lemon Olive Oil & Wild Rosemary Olive Oil.

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Additional Pairings: Butter Olive Oil, Blood Orange Olive Oil, Persian Lime Olive Oil, Basil Olive Oil.

Ingredients: Grape Must, Wine Vinegar, Natural Flavors, Natural Occurring Sulfites.
Wild Blueberry Dark Balsamic Contains No Caramel Coloring, No Additional Ingredients. 4% acidity
Product of Modena, Italy

Nutritional Facts


Salmon Salad with Blueberry Vinaigrette

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